Dr. Petra Williams Asst. Professor of Physical Therapy
Northern Arizona University

Dr. Petra Williams

Dr. Petra Williams is a Physical Therapist, a Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, and an Assistant Professor at Northern Arizona University. She has been a full-time educator in doctoral level physical therapy programs since 2005 and is passionate about developing evidence-based strategies to enhance student learning in the classroom and clinic.  Currently, Petra is leading the Immersive Media Initiative’s 360-Video VR training project for healthcare professionals.

Her research interests include movement training/re-training strategies that enhance human performance and functional change and the task specificity of neural adaptations associated with different training and exercise approaches.  Dr. Williams is passionate about teaching and using evidence-based strategies to enhance student success and learning in the classroom and clinic. Dr. Williams has been a full-time physical therapy educator since 2005 and joined the NAU faculty in 2013.  When not at NAU, Dr. Williams is a Level III classifier for the United States Quadriplegic Rugby Association and also enjoys long-distance backpacking with her husband Eric in Grand Canyon and along the Appalachian Trail.


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