Dave Jennings Business Development
SLI Global Systems

Dave Jennings

Dave Jennings has over 39 years of experience in system project management and business development to the state Health and Human Services community. Over the span of Dave’s career he has worked with the AFDC/TANF, Food Stamp/SNAP, Medicaid, Child Care, Child Support, WIC, Public Health and UI programs. He leads State Business Development for SLI Global Solutions with a current focus on providing IV&V/QA support on complex State HHS IT implementations.    Dave has been active in APD and Procurement Reform initiatives and is a frequent presenter on these subjects at ISM and MESC Conferences and at the monthly Child Welfare Webinars hosted by the Administration of Children and Families, Children’s Bureau.

Dave is an active member and former Chair and Vice Chair of HSITAG, an association of Health and Human Service contractors that promotes the intelligent application of IT to the delivery and administration of HHS Programs.  Dave is honored to have served on the ISM Conference Planning and Marketing Committees for several years.

Dave is a 1972 graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Science Education


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